Abstracts/papers can be submitted by April 4, 2021 (see the Dates & deadlines) to one of the Panel sessions using the pre-conference submission tool only.  

Please carefully review the Conference Guidelines below before submitting
An extended version of these guidelines is available which thorough instructions are also included on how to use the Conference online platforms
(download the guidelines extended version: English versionItalian version).

Conference Guidelines: How to submit, register and participate in the conference

  1. You may choose between two submission formats: a) abstract; and b) paper (which will also include a 500-word abstract). You can submit a maximum of 2 abstracts/papers in two different panel sessions.
  2. Each abstract/paper must be backed by 1 APP fee (the formula of the Conference is: 1 abstract/paper → 1 APP fee). Please check out the Early Bird dates and learn more about the fees.
  3. You can submit your abstract(s)/paper(s) via the pre-conference tool only. Abstract(s)/paper(s) must be submitted by April 4, 2021. After submission, you will not be able to edit your contribution(s).
  4. Before submitting your abstracts(s)/paper(s), please choose a Conference Panel from the 100+ available.
  5. Before submitting your abstract(s)/paper(s), please create a personal account on the pre-conference tool.
  6. Beginning April 19, 2021, the First Author of each abstract(s)/paper(s) will receive an acceptance notification on her/his email address. S/he will then pay for the APP fee and register for the conference through the pre-conference tool.
  7. The Live Platform is used to access the online features of the Conference and participate in the Panel sessions and all other event activities (Keynote speeches, Symposia, Semi-plenary Sessions). You can register to the Live Platform in less than a minute.
  8. An oral presentation to the Conference Panel of max. 20 minutes will be allowed for each accepted abstract/paper.
  9. The English language will be used for abstracts/papers, PPT/PDF presentations, and oral presentation.
  10. All the abstracts will be published before the Conference on the Open Access Conference’s Book of Abstracts. Papers will be published after the Conference on the ISBN-supplied Open Access Conference’s Book of Proceedings.