To move by the local bus service in Cagliari, we highly recommend downloading the CTM Busfinder app (Android Play Store | iOS App Store) as it provides valuable features such as checking the scheduled times of the bus and purchasing tickets

To reach the conference venue, you have the option to take either Line 10, Line 5, Line 8 or Line 20 of the local bus service.


Line 10 has a terminus conveniently located just in front of the conference venue at Viale S. Ignazio. To facilitate transportation during the conference days, Line 10 will be augmented with additional routes. These additional routes will follow a circular route, starting from the Sant’Ignazio terminus, and tracing the standard Line 10 route. A turnaround will occur at the Piazza Costituzione roundabout, enabling return along the same Line 10 route to arrive back at the Sant’Ignazio terminus. 
You can check the scheduled regular routes of Line 10 on the CTM Busfinder app.

Line 5. You can take Line 5 and get off at the ME0166 Merello/Don Bosco stop.

Lines 8 and 20. Alternatively, you can opt for Lines 8 and 20 and alight at the BU0070 stop on Via Don Giussani, situated directly in front of the prison.

Line 5 and Line 8 offer convenient access to Viale Fra Ignazio, ensuring that you can easily reach the conference venue.