Registration policy

As a general rule of thumb, please stick to this Conference formula

1 Abstract/Paper → 1 APP fee
(Abstract/Paper presenter fee).

Specific scenarios and examples can be found below. Please make sure you have reviewed the fees webpage before going further.


I am a First Author in one or more contributions

If you are the First Author of one or more accepted abstracts/papers, you will have to pay one Abstract/Presenter fee (APP fee) for each of the abstracts/papers you wish to present at the Conference.

Please note: even if you wish to pay two APP fees, please execute just one wire transfer. You will then proceed with the registration procedure on the pre-conference tool (see below).

Example: If you want to present two accepted abstracts/papers, you will have to register with two APP fees. That means that you will have to execute a single 170 EUR wire transfer and proceed with a single registration of the pre-conference tool.


I am a Co-author in one or more contributions

If you are a Co-author, you are not per se required to pay any fee. In fact, as a matter of Conference policy, the admission of your abstract/paper to the Conference is covered by the APP fee of the First author of the contribution.

However, if you wish, you can attend the conference (we definitely encourage you to do so!) and co-present with your First author. In this case, you will need to pay a single discounted Participant fee (P fee), no matter how many contributions you will co-present. You will also need to notify your Panel Convenors (view the panels details) a few days before the Conference kicks off. In this case, you too will be provided with the certificate of participation as Abstract/Paper presenter.


I am both a First author and a Co-author

You will have to pay the Abstracts/Paper presenter fee (APP fee) for the Abstract/Paper you have submitted as the First author.
You do not have to pay any fee at all for the Abstract/Paper you have co-authored, since that Abstract/paper is covered by the first author APP fee.

I want to attend the Conference as an auditor

If you have not submitted any Abstract/Paper (neither as first nor as second, third, fourth, etc., author), and you wish to attend the Conference as an auditor, you are welcome to register using the P fee (Participant fee).


I have not submitted and neither have I co-authored any Abstract/Paper

That means you are an Auditor. To join the Conference, you just need to register with the P fee (Participant fee).


My case is not listed here!

Remember the Conference formula: 1 Abstract/Paper  → 1 APP fee. Each presented Abstract/Paper must be backed by an APP fee. Does this help you?

If you are sure it doesn’t, please feel free to drop us a line.

How to register to the Conference

Step 1 - Submission accepted

Once you receive the notification of acceptance of your Abstract/Paper, you will be able to proceed with the single APP fee wire transfer payment and the registration to the Conference.

If you wish to join the Conference as the second, third, fourth (and so on) author of an accepted Abstract/Paper, please register using the discounted P fee, provided that you do not have any Abstract/Paper accepted as a first author (see the Conference Registration policy above).


Step 2 - Execute a wire bank transfer

Before the registration, you will need to have already executed the single wire bank transfer for the APP fee or the P fee.

Please execute a wire bank transfer with the following setup. Please execute a single wire transfer, no matter how many fees you are paying.


Via Francesco Satolli, 30 – 00165 – Rome (IT)
VAT NUMBER: 15184841003
IBAN IT15R0103003200000006092691


(Italian: causale)

As a reason of your wire transfer, please type:
the identification code of the accepted contribution(s)* +
your First and Last Name +
+ the code “SD2″ + 
the type of fee(s) you are paying (APP or P)

Examples of well-formed reasons for transfer:

first author  745-831-HENRY-BELAFONTE-SD2-APP
coauthor:     562-DIANA-ROSS-SD2-P
auditor:   JIM-JARMUSH-SD2-P

* Please find your submission identification numbers on this page: (click here to see an example screenshot).

Please make sure to properly input the reason for transfer as we will need you to confirm your registration and enable your account to access the live streaming platform.

Once you made the wire bank transfer, please save and store the digital receipt of the transf

Step 3 - Register on the pre-conference tool

Once you have executed the transfer, you can proceed to the registration procedure on the pre-conference tool.

In case you have not submitted any abstract/paper as the first author and you paid a P fee, you may have not logged in yet. In that case, you will need to create your pre-conference tool personal account and then log in.

Once you log in, the procedure will involve:

  1. uploading the receipt of the wire bank transfer (pdf, jpg or png) and
  2. confirming your personal data already stored in the system from your account.

Once the registration is completed, you will receive a summary and confirmation e-mail.

Enclosed to the confirmation email, you will find a pro-forma receipt of your wire bank transfer.

This receipt is not an electronic invoice. The electronic invoice will be sent in separately and later.

In case an organization (Department, University, Research Centre, Association) has executed the APP FEE or P FEE wire bank transfer for you, you can request the electronic invoice for the organization you belong to by sending an e-mail to the following address: You will need to provide the required information regarding the organization. 

If the bank transfer has been made directly by a private individual, the electronic invoice will be issued to that person. With this invoice, you can then request a reimbursement from your institution. In case that the APP FEE or P FEE transfer is made by a person other than the person who will actually present, it will be possible to send a request to the following email: to obtain the electronic invoice in the name of that person.