[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You can register to the Conference in two easy steps.



Dispose a wire bank transfer to:

Associazione “Per Scuola Democratica”

IBAN: IT15R0103003200000006092691



Please when disposing the wire bank transfer, as reason for the payment, it is necessary to write:

the following… if you are…

CONF_ S1_SURNAME                                       example: CONF_ S1_Mirovic

CONF_ S1_COGNOME                                      esempio: CONF_ S1_Mirovic

PhD student


CONF_ S2_ SURNAME                                      example: CONF_ S2_Munoz

CONF_ S2_ COGNOME                                     esempio: CONF_ S2_Munoz

Post-doc or non-tenured researcher

Post-doc o ricercatore non strutturato

CONF_ S3_ SURNAME                                      example: CONF_S3_O’Ray

CONF_ S3_ COGNOME                                     esempio: CONF_S3_O’Ray

Unemployed or part-time schola

Disoccupato o ricercatore part-time

CONF_S4_ SURNAME                                       example: CONF_S4_Jimenez

CONF_S4_ COGNOME                                      esempio: CONF_S4_Jimenez

Member of/ Membro di: AIS Edu; EERA Network 28; Fondazione San Paolo; MediterraPolis; SIPED

CONF_S5_ SURNAME                                       example: CONF_ S5_Rossi

CONF_S5_ COGNOME                                      esempio: CONF_ S5_Rossi

Convenor submitting an abstract

Convenor che partecipa con un abstract

CONF_S6_ SURNAME                                       example: CONF_S6_Minucci

CONF_S6_ SURNAME                                       example: CONF_S6_Minucci


Dirigente scolastico

CONF_T1_ SURNAME                                       example : CONF_T1_De Silva

CONF_T1_ COGNOME                                      esempio : CONF_T1_De Silva



CONF_ FF_ SURNAME                                    example: CONF_ FF_Notaris

CONF_ FF_ COGNOME                                   esempio: CONF_ FF_Notaris

none of the abovementioned conditions

nessuna delle condizioni sopra citate




Once the wire bank transfer is done, keep for you the digital receipt available.
Then proceed to the second and final step in the registration platform: https://www.scuolademocratica-conference.net/registration-platform.


Need assistance?

Please feel free to contact us at registration@scuolademocratica-conference.net.