Panel j.06 — Outdoor Mobile Learning, Technology and Social Justice

Convenors Federico Montanari (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy); Giulia Conti (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy)

Keywords Outdoor Education, Outdoor Mobile Learning, Technology, Social Justice


In an era marked by rapid technological advancement and a growing need for social justice,
it is imperative to explore innovative ways to bridge the gap between education, technology,
and the quest for a more equitable society.
Our proposed panel aims to delve into the dynamic intersection of these areas by focusing
on Outdoor Mobile Learning as a tool for enhancing education, promoting social justice, and
fostering active, experiential learning.
The overall aim of the panel is to contribute to the discussion about how education,
technology, outdoor learning, and social justice can be interconnected. We believe that our
proposed panel will contribute to the discourse on education and social justice, offering a
fresh perspective on how technology-driven outdoor learning can promote a fair and
inclusive educational landscape for our future generations.
Some of the possible topics:
● Outdoor Mobile Learning (OML) as an Enabler of Social Justice:
This segment will explore how OML can transcend traditional classroom boundaries,
making education more accessible to underserved communities, and narrowing the
education gap.
● The Role of Technology in Facilitating Outdoor Learning in Social Justice:
Technology’s influence on outdoor learning is undeniable. The practical applications
of technology, such as mobile apps, augmented reality, and data collection tools are
valuable tools for enabling effective outdoor learning experiences. We are seeking
contributions regarding how these tools can be harnessed for educational equity and
social justice.
● Empowering Marginalized Groups through Outdoor Learning:
The impact of outdoor learning on marginalized groups, the benefits of hands-on,
outdoor experiences for learners from diverse backgrounds and strategies for
reaching and engaging these learners effectively.
● Challenges and Best Practices in Implementing OML for Social Justice:
No endeavor is without its challenges. Here, we would love to address obstacles and
barriers faced when implementing OML initiatives for social justice. Presentations
about best practices and strategies for overcoming these challenges are welcome.


Guidelines and abstracts submission