Panel E.02 — Call To Action: Narratives of Experience Amidst Transformative Possibilities in Teacher Education Programs

Convenors Darlene Ciuffetelli Parker; Steven Khan; Dane Di Cesare; Bobby {Stanley} Henry; Louis Volante (Brock University, Canada)

Keywords teacher-education, equity, power, privilege, policy


Objectives: Panelists incite possibilities for future education settings, excellence in equity, and public confidence as applied to systemic barriers. While universities in Canada recently released equity-based policies, a need for new approaches that rethink normative practices exists. Panelists will focus on efforts aligning with equity-based and decolonizing-focused policies/practices. Panelists will engage participants for the public good of programmatic innovation and reform by dismantling issues of (in)equity, including topics on identity, diversity, inclusion, and Indigenous ways of knowing (Authors, Year) applied within a Faculty of Education.

Framework/Method: Using dialogic knowledge (Weigand, E. 2010) and self-study (Bullough & Pinnegar, 2001), panelists illuminate necessary innovation through inclusive, deep reciprocal dialogue of policy, privilege, and power. By examining “small stories that educators and students live and tell, often on edges…the overall intent is to illuminate in more nuanced ways the complex factors that shape [educators’] lives outside the boundaries of policy prescriptions” (Author, Year).

Outcomes: Narratives dismantle and re-construct stories for excellence in equity. Panel discussions include: barriers in leadership; activism using metaphor; identity and privilege; Indigenous knowing; AI and assessment; mentorship.
Significance: A living curriculum (Aoki, 1996/2005) approach addresses interrelationships between cognitive and socio-emotional skills, valuing social knowledge distributed across communities resulting from ancestral commitments to inter-generational continuity. The following six abstracts will be presented:

Abstract (Convenor)#1: Women, Leadership, and Barriers
This presentation addresses women in leadership via narrative, for deep knowledge of institutions, communities, and global social justice. Stories of leadership and innovation are shared, despite the barriers that prevent such innovation to succeed. Narratives push up against power, privilege and policies that require innovation.

Abstract #2: Unraveling Equity Through Metaphor
Metaphors will emerge in the pursuit of excellence in equity. This presentation will delve into institutional narratives on equity, exploring how metaphors resonate in reshaping and limiting the reshaping of academic spaces. Igniting actionable discourse to foster excellence in equity will be highlighted as transformative cultural shifts.

Abstract #3: LGBTQ2S+: Identity and Privilege
This presentation employs an intersectional lens, interweaving threads of identity and privilege. Activist-academic narratives in the pursuit of excellence in equity shoulders emotional labour inherent to such work. Narratives challenge/resist the entrenched norms of the academy.

Abstract #4 Indigenous Knowing
As an Indigenous scholar/storyteller, the tradition of mnemonic device creation persists in actions to remember and illustrate complex topics, such as visual representations pertaining to external pressures. Lived experiences inform how we understand oppression and [uncover] pressing subject matters for excellence in equity.

Abstract #5 AI and Student Assessment Systems: Policy for Excellence in Equity Opportunities
Education settings remain unprepared to address academic integrity issues associated with AI use of student assessment data. This presentation addresses assessment challenges by proposing evidence-based policy considerations for student assessment systems towards excellence in equity during this technological revolution.

Abstract #6: Mentorship
Mentorship in the academy will be presented as it is applied to excellene in equity, generous scholarship, generational rank and collaborations of scholars.


Guidelines and abstracts submission