Panel G.07 — For a sustainable school between J. Dewey and Artificial Intelligence

Convenors Giuseppe Spadafora (University of Calabria, Italy); Giancarlo Fortino (University of Calabria, Italy); Teodora Pezzano (University of Calabria, Italy); Alessio Fabiano (University of Basilicata, Italy)

Keywords Inclusive school, AI, Sustainable education, teaching, ethical community


The fundamental issue of the contemporary educational research debate is the search for an inclusive school model. Inclusion is a concept widely used in European research and, in particular, in the European school policies. Inclusive school should help every student to develop their embedded powers.

If we want to pursue such a cultural and political project, it is necessary to deep the concept of this contemporary school model, especially concerning the educational and social organization of the school.

To develop this theme, the panel, in relation to the specific scientific competences of the four authors, will analyze the development of the inclusive school from the tradition of the democratic school which refers to the John Dewey’s educational theory up to the possible application of the Artificial Intelligence didactic theory in an inclusive perspective.

In particular, the four authors intend to present an inclusive school model that develops a new democratic organization, through the application of digital teaching innovation and Artificial Intelligence for the construction of new ethical principles.

In this cultural perspective we will try to focus on the importance of personalized education in relation to an interdisciplinary curriculum designed by the teachers.

Therefore the aim of the panel is to invite scholars of educational theory, didactics and Artificial Intelligence to project the possibilities of an inclusive school model for the next years. Inclusion could be considered a sustainable educational goal to face the challenges of our time and to propose some ideas for the improvement of our social organization.

The school, in this way, can be proposed not only as a place where democracy and consensus can be constructed, but as a possibility to establish new democratic processes based on the values​​of peace and friendship between peoples.

School, therefore, can determine the only possibility of salvation for humanity.


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